Saturday, September 6, 2008

What Happened????

Sorry for the delay in posts. There has been much drama, and no time to write about it. Let's see if I can start from the beginning.

Everyone cleared out of Maddie's room on Thursday night at 9:00 PM, and I was exhausted. I decided to stay up until 10 PM since they were coming in to do vital checks and weigh her, so I knew she would wake up. After they finished all of their junk they had to do, Maddie and I went to bed. About 10:30 I get a text from my sister saying that my mother is feeling sick. Great. She is watching Ruthie and she is feeling sick, but I decided to just go to bed and not worry about it. I wake up at 3:00 in the morning feeling sick. I think it is maybe something I ate, etc. and head for the bathroom. I start throwing up (meanwhile I am very grateful that I have a private bathroom now and am not waiting to use the community bathroom to puke.) I go back to sleep and wake up at 6:00 AM, throw up some more. I then call my mother-in-law to come to the hospital so I can leave. The last thing I need is a child with open heart surgery with the flu. So she gets there around 9:00 AM and I go home. We had a babysitter for Ruthie all day, so I stayed in bed all day, and so did my mom. When the babysitter had to leave, my mom still didn't feel good enough to watch Ruthie, and I had been puking all afternoon, so we sent her home with my mother in law. Now, Mark is at the hospital with Maddie, my mom and I are home sick and Ruthie is with her grandparents. That night, Mark calls me and tells me that he cant stay at the hospital because he is starting to feel sick. So, Mark comes home, I'm already in bed, my mom is in bed and Mark's father is going to be camping the night at the hospital. Come 9:00 PM, I have puked everything in my system and even more, but cant seem to stop throwing up every 30 off to the ER I go. I get to the ER and get hooked up to IV fluids and IV Zophran (same stuff I was on when I was pregnant to keep me from puking) and hang out there with my mom until a little after midnight. I get home, puke one more time for old times sake, and go to bed. I have just pretty much woken up and have begun eating. I feel a million times better, my mom feels better and Mark feels better. Ta-Da!

Meanwhile, back at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital (cue music), Maddie is doing great! On Friday they pulled 2 of her 3 chest tubes. They pulled the last chest tube out this morning and she is doing awesome. She is eating solid foods and seems to be acting like her old self, according to my reports since I haven't seen her. On top of being sick, I feel so guilty not being there. I know I cant let her get sick, but man do I want to be there! There were some pics taken after the tubes came out, but they are at the hospital, and I am not allowed there, so you'll have to wait in eager anticipation.


Beth said...

So glad that Maddie is much better! I'm sorry y'all have been sick but I'm glad you're better now. We've been praying for a quick recovery and it sounds like all our prayers have been answered. Hope to see y'all soon!
Love, Beth and Ben

kjguarda said...

I can't believe all this! You poor family!!!!!!!! UGH!!! I am so glad you are all feeling better. We're still praying for you all!

Nicki said...

I was wondering if everything was ok. I am glad you guys are semi ok. When will Maddie get to come home?