Friday, March 26, 2010

X Marks the Spot

I absolutely LOVE having my back rubbed. I have ever since I was a little child. Now I love massages. I cant afford them, but it doesnt change how much I love them.

My mom has always rubbed my back, especially at night, growing up. Now, she does it to all 4 of the grandkids. It calms them down in an instant. You will see her usually in church with a grand kid sprawled out in her lap and she is rubbing their back. She does it differently for the grandkids though. She has a little rhyme that she says as she draws pictures on their backs. It goes, "X marks the spot, a circle and a dot. A line and a dash, and a big question smash. Up and down and up and down" and then she tickles their necks. As she says it she is drawing those shapes on their backs. My girls LOVE this game! They ask for it by calling it, "Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot Dot". We have changed it up a little so instead of at the end of the end tickling the neck we "pinch the bottom". So, every night after their bath, they both lay on the floor and I say the rhyme and do the shapes on their backs. A few nights ago, Maddie asked if she could do it on my back. I was shocked to find out that she has the rhyme memorized. The drawing of the shapes not so much, but I will give her a break since she is only two. Well, then Maddie decided she wanted to do it on Ruthie's back and vice versa. The result is below.