Friday, May 13, 2011

The Worship Song

So, any one that is friends with me on facebook probably saw my post about "The Worship Song". Let me elaborate.

The girls go to this little Baptist preschool that is about half a mile from our house. Every Wednesday they have music class that is called Sign and Sing. You can probably figure out what they do in there. So, they have come home with all sorts of songs. Some are funny kid songs and others are church songs. Now, when I send my kids to Bible class at church, or children's worship on Sunday, I can figure out every single one of the songs they have been singing. Baptists sing a bunch of different songs than us Church of Christer's, so I am usually at a complete loss for what the song is. So, I kind of have to take them at their word about how the song goes. I knew right away there was a flaw in the "Worship Song". Below is the video of the girls singing the worship song to me. Notice the cult-like-determination in their eyes and hand motions. Following that is a video clip from their spring concert where they actually performed the real song.

*NOTICE* You will see that only Ruthie is in the worship song video. Maddie had some stomach problems that night and excused herself to the potty for the last song. Ruthie was completely lost the whole time before the song started asking where Maddie was and looking around. You will notice the preschool director standing behind her keeping her on the riser since she kept turning and calling for Maddie. But,you will get the gist of the song. Ruthie still shows the cult-like-determination in her hand motions though.