Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Because what is cuter than Pre-Schoolers singing?

Yes, Yes, I know. It has been since Halloween. I will not make excuses, except to say, if you havent checked out Well Versed Gift products in your local Lifeway, please do!

So, life with three year old twins is anything but boring. The personalities and imaginations are in full swing. What could be more adorable then watching them in their spring pre-school concert? I have made a short video of them when they were actually doing what they were supposed to do and then a clip of them doing the complete opposite of what they are supposed to do. I posted part of this video on facebook, so you may have already seen some of it.

My next post, which will be coming shortly, not in like months but much sooner, will address the ever popular "Worship Song" video from a few months ago. It will also have the grand reveal of what the ACTUAL song sounds like. I know, the anticipation is killing you all.