Tuesday, November 2, 2010


One of the good things about Halloween being on a Sunday is that you get to make the whole weekend about Halloween. So, you at least get a little bit of use out of those costumes. And boy did we get use out of out costumes!

In years past, Mark and I have been all kinds of creative with the girls costumes. They were Thing 1 and Thing 2 when they were 1 year old and they were sticks of Doublemint Gum last year. So, this year we had big plans again. That was until our 3 year olds formed opinions. I dont know where these things came from. So, I decided to just take them to the costume store and let them pick out their own costume. I was a little nervous since, when asked, they wanted to be everything from a pumpkin to Minnie Mouse to Elmo, never agreeing on any of them. I was expecting a pumpkin and a Minnie Mouse. So, imagine my surprise when we ended up with these.

That's right! Two Dora the Explorers! When given the choice of whatever they wanted to be, they wanted to BOTH be Dora. From that point on, whenever they were dressed in costume, you had to refer to them as "Dora Maddie" and "Dora Ruthie". And no matter how messed up the wigs got, they refused to let me take off their "Dora Hair".

Friday started out the festivities with their Halloween party and parade at school.

A Halloween parade at preschool is mass chaos. Probably caused more by the parents trying to get pictures than of the hoards of children marching around in costume. It was virtually impossible to get any good pictures at the "parade". To make it even worse, Ruthie kept messing with the dragon in front of her. She was fascinated with his spiky back and tail.

On Saturday Mark took the girls trick or treating in Fairview and then on Sunday we had a full day again. We let the girls knock on the doors around our cul-de-sac, then we headed to Trunk or Treat at church.

After Trunk or Treat, the girls were able to participate in a neighborhood tradition on Halloween. One of our neighbors, Frank, hooks up a trailer to a 4-wheeler and pulls kids around the neighborhood. If you saw the mountain of a hill we live on, you would easily understand how this tradition began and why it has continued. This is what it looks like from a distance.

This is what it actually looks like with a flash!

The girls LOVED the "Halloween Ride" and went on it two times around the neighborhood before we had to make them go back into the house.

The girls had a great weekend, and Mommy has been able to eat lots of their candy, so everyone is happy!