Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Having two year olds has caused several changes in my vocabulary. I find myself asking grown adults where the "potty" is, I am unable to leave without announcing that I am "going bye-bye" and I have completely forgotten that my real name is Kristen and not just Mommy. There have also been several words that have been removed from my vocabulary, partially due to the fact that the girls might as well be parrots, but also because they just no longer exist in my daily terminology. For example: Privacy. I am sorry. Can you repeat that? Can I get a definition please? Orgin? Maybe Latin translation?

In all honesty, how can you expect privacy when they literally live INSIDE you for 10 months, then as soon as they pop out you stick them on your boob and repeat every 3 hours for x-amount-of time. Now that they are independently mobile, and VERY curious, nothing is sacred. If they can get in the drawer, climb on a chair to get to, stand on their tip toes, etc. then it is theirs. I am running out of places to hide things that they can not see or some how manage access to. Until now....

Check out these bad boys!
I could write a love song to the inventor of these door knob covers. Besides the one we have on the basement door to help keep them from escaping, we have put one on our bedroom door. That is right! A WHOLE room that they can not get into! Ha! I love it!

No, just keep trying Maddie. I'm sure you can get it....

That's right. Put ALL your body weight into it. Surely that will open it!

It does keep them out, but it doesnt keep them from crying and banging on the door. Can you see the frustration in Ruthie's eyes above? I guess I cant expect privacy and quiet...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Holidays, Matey!

Arrrggg! And Merry Christmas from the Sullivan's!

Look familiar? Let me refresh your memories. http://www.simplysullivan.blogspot.com/2008/10/arrrrrgggg.html

The patch is back! I noticed Ruthie having some difficulty with her glasses, so I took her back in, and lo and behold! She is not using her right eye! Now, if she would look properly through her bifocals, then she would be forced to use both of her eyes. But, if any of you have seen Ruthie in her glasses, she normally looks like this:

Poor little thing looks like a librarian in training. She wears them like a champ, but just not properly. Apparently there is no way to force her to wear them properly either. So, the solution is patching for 2-4 hours a day to try and strengthen her right eye. If that doesnt work, then it is back to surgery!

We have been attempting to get in the holiday spirit around here. I hate Christmas, so this has been very difficult for me.

The girls went and saw Santa Claus at our church Christmas party this past Wednesday. Maddie was miserable because she did not nap that day. Oh! Did I mention we are basically not napping now? Merry Christmas to Momma! I think that is the parental equivalent to a lump of coal in your stocking.

I finally put up our obnoxious, fake tree that I hate. If you cant tell, I put ALL of the ornaments out of reach of little hands. Apparently one of the girls thought the bottom of the tree was missing something...

This was the same bear that was on the potty in the previous post. He mysteriously gets around.

Hope every one has a great holiday season! I will attempt to post more of the holiday festivities, but no promises!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Potty Time!

I openly admit that I have been obsessed with potty training since the girls were born. The count down began for them to turn 2 so the potty training could begin. My niece, Lily, was trained within 1 week of being 2, so I knew it was possible. At 18 months I began the subliminal potty messages. We watched Elmo's Potty Time, I brought them in with me to go to the bathroom, when I changed their diapers I talked about being wet and poopy and going in the potty, etc. When they were 20 months I got them their own potty's to sit on while Mommy was going potty. Then I started putting them on the potty after their bath, and was fairly successful since they always peed on the carpet after their bath, it seemed like an intelligent idea. Then they turned 2! Potty Boot Camp!

Maddie was completely interested. Ruthie on the other hand didnt care at all. That actually worked better for me so I could focus on one child at a time. I did a day of Potty Boot Camp with Maddie and she wasnt quite there, but it sparked an interest. From that point on she has been asking to go to the potty and going on there the majority of the time when we are home. I think if I did one more day of bootcamp with her she could possibly be trained.
But, now that I am in the throws of potty training, all of a sudden diapers are seeming better and better. Yes, they are expensive little suckers, but SO CONVENIENT. Every time we leave the house I make Maddie go on the potty, but it never fails. 5 minutes into the car ride, "Pee-Pee potty, Momma!" Oh, for the days I could just let you pee in your diaper....

Maddie needs some entertainment while using the potty, so she has begun bringing in her coloring with her.

I walked into the bathroom and saw this the other day. I guess even teddy bears need to potty.