Thursday, August 19, 2010

Off to School We Go!

It is hard to believe the girls are old enough to go to pre-school! Granted, they are the youngest in their class because of their birthday, but they are "technically" old enough. The cut off age here in Nashville is you have to be 3 by September 30th, and with a September 25th birthday, they make the cut! So, we packed our lunches and our backpacks, and headed out the door!

The girls are in the "Zebra" class at school. That means nothing to them, but is cute to me.
There are 14 other kids in their class, mostly girls. We had gone to an open house last week, so the girls had already been in their classroom for a little bit. So, when we walked in, then knew exactly what to do. No tears, no whining, just straight to playing.

When I picked them up, their teachers said they did really well......EXCEPT......for rest time. I knew this was going to be an issue on several levels. First issue is that their rest time is about an hour before the girls are used to laying down. Second thing is that I have never seen my children lay down quietly for 90 minutes. They are used to their beds, in their dark rooms, with their sound machine on when they sleep. There is no comparison to laying on a mat, in a classroom, with 14 other kids. Apparently they separated them and when one would cry the other would yell out that their sister was crying and needed help. Maddie even pulled out her famous line, "I'm having a hard time" to her teacher. Hopefully over time it will get better.

I know they are picking up things at school already because when we got home yesterday, Maddie was doing something and she says, "That is cool!" I had never heard her say that, and I am not one to use retro 80's lingo, so I said, "What did you say?" and she says, "That is cool! That is what my friends at school say." It made me laugh. Let's hope that is the only 4-letter word she comes back from school learning.

As for Momma, I could not have been happier to send them off to school! From posts on my facebook wall I assume that I am supposed to be sad about it or upset that they are old enough for school. Apparently I am missing that part of the Mommy gene, because I was probably more excited for my time from 9-3 than they were! I cant remember the last time I went to bed at night and felt like I accomplished so much in a day! No tears here! Bring on the next day to send them!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Six Flags!

There is a Six Flags that is only an hour from my parents house. Growing up it was the Great Escape, and going there was a special treat. I went there more when I was a teenager than when I was a kid, because it wasnt really kid friendly. Well, things have changed there! I looked at their website and they showed 30 kids rides! And then there was the topper.....WIGGLES WORLD! Not to mention kids 2 and under are free, and since the girls dont turn 3 until September, this was the last time we could get them in without paying for them. So, off to Lake George we went.

It seriously could not be a more beautiful day to be outside at Lake George! A high of 78 degrees with clear skies. I love upstate NY in August! I was afraid of the girls not napping or just having an off day, so as soon as we got in the gate we bolted to Wiggle World.

As soon as we got in there a show was in progress, so we took them straight over there. The show was a little ghetto, but the girls didnt know the difference. Let's just say, Six Flags didnt splurge on getting a convincing Captain Feathersword. They didnt even attempt to find 4 guys to imitate the actual Wiggles, so this girl was singing all of them for some reason. Dorthy, Wags and Henry were really good though.

Since there were hardly any one at the first show, the characters came down and posed for pictures, which the girls loved!

Then came the rides! They had a great time on the Big Red Cars and Dorthy's Rosy Tea cups. Great themed rides that the girls have talked about every day since!

I never understood the appeal of these little houses that are all around Great Escape as I was growing up. As a parent of toddlers, they are the most amazing thing, ever! I think they may have liked the little houses more than they even liked Wiggle World. They played in the little houses for about 30 minutes before we made them leave.

Mark and I were able to go on a few of the roller coasters since my mom came along with us. She watched the kids so we could go on a few big kid rides. I did fine on all of the roller coasters, but this ride was my downfall.

It looks so innocent, but I had to sit down for a good chunk of time to get my stomach and head back. I am getting old.

Hence, the carousal. More my style.

Great family day! The girls rode rides by themselves for the first time and had a great time. They are getting so big. School starts next week, so I will try to post those pictures too!