Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 3

The taste of sweet success...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Reporting from the Trenches

Do you know what all of those books on being pregnant with twins dont tell you? They dont tell you that you eventually have to potty train them, nor do they tell you how to potty train them. Now, that is a book I would actually read at this point!

We have been dabbling in potty training since the fall with Maddie. Ruthie started showing interest in March and has been hit or miss with it. I have basically been of the attitude that if they go, great! If they dont, I will change them and we will try again. No biggie. Then came last week, and the life altering decision I made. I signed the girls up for pre-school, beginning in August. School rule is that if you are in the 3 year old class (which they will be), you have to be potty trained. And not like potty trained in pull ups, they mean potty trained in panties. I checked. So, the clock was ticking. What better time to start then this week? (I have since learned there is no such time as a good time, it just sucks all around).

So, the girls woke up on Thursday morning and I informed them there are no more diapers and no more pull ups during the day. They will be wearing training pants and only wear pull ups while napping and sleeping. They were fine with the idea. Then I brought them down stairs to potty training central which basically involves them staying in the kitchen with me all day going to the potty every 15 minutes, then extending it to every 30, then 45, etc. This is what they did all day.....

As you can see below, no toys, no TV, just lots of salty snacks and beverages. You can see how thrilled I am sitting on the floor watching the clock and waiting to catch one them trying to poop.

They are smart little girls and waited until their nap to poop, so I had to try to get them to poop in the potty the next day. They can pee in the potty all day long, but will not poop in there. So frustrating. That was my goal for Day 2.

Back in the trenches on Day 2.

I did allow some toys today, which they were thrilled about.

By the end of the day it looked like a mine field in my kitchen.

I even let them go outside for a couple of hours and play. I brought the potty outside and we kept up our routine out there. And then, EUREKA! Maddie pooped on the potty! It was an exciting moment for me. I had promised them that if they pooped on the potty that I would give them a big bowl of ice cream with sprinkles. They talked about it all day long, and finally Maddie earned her reward.

Ruthie on the other hand had not pooped yet, so she didnt get any. This did not go over well with her.

So, she sat on the potty, watching Maddie eating her ice cream, hoping to poop and get some for herself.

Her bowels were not cooperative and refused to assist her in getting ice cream. She remained bitter for the rest of the afternoon about it.

Tomorrow is Day 3! Back to the trenches we go!