Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Surgery Update #4

Just got a call that they have patched the hole in her heart and have removed the muscle that was causing the pulmonary stenosis.  They are closing up her actual heart, not her chest, but her heart.  They had to cool her body temperature down in order to put her on bypass, so they are in the process of warming her up, which should take 30-40 minutes.  Once she is warmed up they are going to take her off bypass.  They will then camera her repairs and make sure her heart is working the way it needs to and that the patch is not leaking, etc.  If the repairs are all good, then they will close her up.  If there are more repairs that need to be made than we have another 3 hours!  YUCK!!  Pray that these repairs are good to go and we can move on from here!  Keep the prayers coming!!!!

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