Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Look Mom! No Wires!

We have all of our IV lines off, except for the one in her ankle. Yay! She still has her chest tubes in, and they will stay in until probably tomorrow. There is a maximum amount of liquid that drains out, that if she passes that number, they have to keep them in. As you can see, both of her hands are completely free now and we have been able to take off the "no-no's" and she hasn't been messing with her chest tubes. She has had a GREAT day! She has slept alot, but has not been crying when awake, which is a huge difference from yesterday, and especially last night. She cant move quite yet, and has no desire to move yet either. The nurses have said that once the chest tubes come out she will feel a million times better and probably try to start moving then. I made them find a shirt for her to wear, so she is sporting a lovely Vanderbilt Children's Hospital top. Be jealous. They are still looking for a room for us on the main floor. No luck yet. I'll post later today if there are any new updates, otherwise I will post tomorrow.


Rebecca said...

Maddie looks great! I'm so sorry that she had such a rough first day and night, but I'm thankful for everyone's sake that things seem to be improving. I hope they find a room for you guys soon. Still praying for you guys!

Reagan said...

so happy she is looking so great!! many blessings!

kjguarda said...

Hey Kristen. We're all still here and checking your site nonstop. I even have my family and friends all praying for you guys. Maddie looks great! Hugs and kisses!!!!

Cristie said...

I can’t imagine what you have been through the past few days. I am so glad Maddie is feeling better and the surgery was a success. She sure does look cute in that big bed. We have been praying for her and your family. God Bless

Anonymous said...

I am an old friend of Mark's from childhood and when reading his comments on facebook, decided to check out this site. My husband and I are fervently praying for Maddie and your family. She is such a beautiful little girl and it is amazing and wonderful that with constant prayer, she is doing as well as the pictures show. We will continue to pray for you all and look forward to reading the updates.

Love in Christ,
Brandy (Duvall) Joyce