Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Digs...Old Tubes

Well, looks like we have a main room floor now! That means I get my bed and a bathroom. Unfortunately it looks like Maddie's chest tubes are going to be staying in until tomorrow. She put out 4 cc's of blood over the past 8 hours, which is acceptable, but she put out 60 cc's over the past 24 hours and the limit is 40 cc's, so she has to meet the 24 hour mark. That wont happen until tomorrow morning. It stinks because we were told that if her pain right now, on a scale of 1-10, is a 10 that once she gets the tubes out she will be a 1 or a 2. That is frustrating to know that there is some way to relieve her pain and we cant do it yet. They took her pacing wires out this morning also. They are these tiny metal wires that they stitch to the outer lining of her heart and in the event that her natural pacemaker gets out of rhythm, they can just use those wires connected to her heart to get it back in rhythm. They aren't concerned about it any longer, so they pulled them out. I sat there and literally watched them pull out wires that were attached to my daughters heart. How amazing is medical technology???

On a good note, I got to actually hold Maddie today which was nice. She doesn't like to move very much because of the chest tubes, but once we got her moved, she was very happy to be held. She did not want to sit up though. We aren't there yet. I have pictures, but they are on a different camera, so I will post those tonight, along with some new pics of the new digs we'll have! We also had her first bowel movement, which is a big deal. I dont have any pictures of that, so no need to worry about me posting that.


Anonymous said...

Wow Kristen! I am so excited for Maddie's recovery. She is such a trouper. We are praying for you guys! ((HUGS))

Nicki said...

I was holding my breath when you were talking about taking those wires out of her heart. Yikes!