Friday, September 26, 2008

Regression and Progression

I think it is human nature to look back at where we used to be in our lives and tend to think the grass was greener on the other side. I look back at what I stressed out about in college and laugh now. There is the 50 year old guy that has a mid-life crisis, buys the convertible and runs off with his 25 year old secretary. I am now even more convinced that wanting to go back in time is innate in us. Example...Ruthie.

Yes, this is my 1 year old in her bumbo. We pulled it out for the party since some friends have a baby and forgot to put it up. I walked in the room to find Ruthie sitting in it. Actually, she was stuck in it. The child had not sat in this thing in 6 months, but it was all she wanted this morning.

Then there are others who are fighting growing up, but slowly resigning themselves to it. Example...Maddie.

The chair and the book say, "I'm a big girl" but the pacifier says, "I'm still a baby". What a conflict of the soul my children have!

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