Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'll take the Penthouse Suite, please

Well, we have been moved again! We are now in a PICU wing that has one hall of "main floor" rooms. That basically means that they treat her as if she has been moved to the main floor, but we are still in a PICU room. What's the big deal, you may be thinking. I'll elaborate.

This is my bed. It actually pulls out into a lazy boy kind of thing, but it is not my Vera Wang mattress at home by any means!

This is my bathroom. That's right. A sink. Everything toilet/shower related is outside PICU and is community. I would show you a picture of that, but it was already being used by someone else. Hence, community bathroom.

I couldn't take pictures of it for privacy reasons, but there are glass doors on both sides of our rooms, so you can hear everything going on in the rooms next to you, so not very private.

When we move up to the 6th floor we have walls, which will be nice. I have my own bathroom with a shower. The couch pulls out into a double bed which will be better than what I have been sleeping on. It's no Hilton, but it will do.

Maddie had a GREAT night last night. I went and laid down in the back of the room at 11:00 PM and figured I would wake up when she started crying. I didn't hear her cry until 4:00 AM, which was when the doctors were checking on her and she didn't want to be touched. I didn't hear her again until they were changing her sheets at 7:00 AM. I checked with the nurse to make sure I didn't miss anything, and she said she just watched TV and slept the entire time. She did throw up a little this morning, and Ellie the Elephant was the victim of that. Luckily she is machine washable.

She hasn't had any pain medication since Midnight and seems to be managing fine. I included a video of what she was doing all morning. She cant dance to her Wiggles Videos like she is used to, but she is improvising.

Please excuse her hair. She hasn't been bathed in a few days.

Our hopes for today are to have the chest tubes removed and to get up to the 6th floor. Hopefully my next post will include those results!!


Blake & Danielle said...

Are you referring to the Serta Vera Wang mattress with hearts on it? How crazy will that be if we have the SAME mattress. Wonder about the rest of the neighbors!:) Still praying for you guys!

sarahbethrucker said...

I am so glad everyone is doing so well! Go Wiggles!