Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Surgery Update #1 (#2 if you count the dinky post)

Maddie went down for bed at 8, like normal.  She woke up at 12:30 AM, which is not normal.  I tried to give her some pedialite, but she wasn't interested in it.  I could only give her clear liquids until 2:00 AM, but she wanted nothing to do with it, unless it was formula, which she couldn't have.  I was planning on waking her up at 5:00 and walking out the door, but she had other plans.  At 3:30 AM she woke up not happy.  She had apparently taken her diaper off and wet her entire bed.  Extra special since we had to give her a special bath the night before so she was sterile.  So, my sterile child was covered in pee now.  Not only covered in pee, but refused to go back to bed.  Luckily Auntie Katie stepped in so I could shower and get ready, since it was 4 AM at this point.  

She sat on the couch and watched the Wiggles for over an hour while Auntie Katie went back to sleep.  She was very content to sit there with Ellie and watch.  

We got to the hospital at 5:30 AM and they called us back about 6:30.  Maddie got some cool looking scrub like things to hang out in for a while.  

We met with the anesthesiologist and got her vitals taken, etc.
  None of this was interesting to her, so she watched the Wiggles through the entire thing.  

We started late since her surgery team had a meeting in the morning, so they didn't take her back to put her IV lines in at 8:00.  We got a call at 10:00 AM that they had all the lines in, but had a hard time with her central line.  They ended up having to try 2 places to find one that worked.  I forgot to mention to them she has bad veins.

We got a call about 10 minutes ago that they had begun the incision and were going in.  From the camera scope it looks like everything is what they were expecting, which is good news.  

The nurse we know is calling us from the OR and she said they will check back in about an hour.  I'll post around then.  

Thank you all for all of the prayers, emails, texts, visits, etc.  We have felt truly blessed and loved.

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Brian and Katie Whitt said...

i didn't see it until just now - but do you see that I'm sleeping on Bailey?? That dog didn't move the whole time - i had no idea I was sleeping on her.