Thursday, September 4, 2008

Improving Every Day

This is more of a random post of some pics that I was just able to get.

Alot of people have asked about Ruthie and how she is doing with this whole thing. I have pretty much been told that she is loving being an only child. Her little world will come crashing down in a few days when we bring Maddie home. Ruthie was able to come up yesterday and see Ruthie, like I posted earlier. She really just looked confused about the whole thing. Maddie slept through the whole thing.

I did have to prevent her from trying to get in bed with Maddie. I don't think Maddie would have appreciated her stomping all over her.

Like I posted earlier, I was able to hold Maddie for a little bit today.

Moving her to my lap was a little of an ordeal for her, so it took her a while get comfy. Later this evening she was held by a whole bunch of people and just slept through the whole thing. She is exhausted, poor thing. She has gone 12 hours without any pain medication. We are going to give her some tylenol for the night, just to make sure she has a good night.

As a special treat she even got some jello tonight. She loved the jello!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow when she gets the tubes out. Everyone has told me that she will be a completely different child. I cant wait to see her back to her normal self!

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