Sunday, September 14, 2008

1 year old going on 16 years old

When I found out I was having 2 girls, I knew I would have my hands full when they got older. I remembered what kind of teenager I was and thought of that doubled. I didn't think I had to worry about them arguing with me until they got older. I thought wrong.

They have been doing this for a while, for some reason. Whenever I say, "yes" they shake their heads "no" and laugh. They love it. They think it is a hilarious game. Mark uses this game to trick them into getting to shake their head for things like "Are you ever going to kiss a boy?" or "Are you ever going to disobey?" and they will shake their heads "no" and laugh. Such silly girls!

Back on the quarantine home front, we haven't left the house in a week now. One week down, one more to go. How people stay in for an entire RSV season, I have no idea. Maddie is doing awesome. Her incision site is healing great and she is still on no pain medication. She is getting quicker every day with her crawling and cruising. We have discovered that hiccups hurt her. Whenever she gets them she just starts crying, but there is nothing we can do until they go away. We are looking forward to her official release, just in time for their birthday!

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jackie said...

Megan laughed for a long time about the girls shaking their heads.You are in big trouble already and it is just the begining.