Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Well, their birthday has come and gone! Ruthie and Maddie are officially 1 year old. We had a small get together of family and a couple of friends for the festivities.

After the girls woke up from there 3 hour afternoon nap (Happy Birthday to Me!!) they started with some pizza, just in time for our guests to arrive.

Then off to the presents! Brace yourself for the picture of the amount of presents these girls received.

Presents from our secret twins. A bunch of women on my message board of twin mom's went in on a secret twin gift pool. Can't wait for the big reveal!

The girls loved the bears and the books!!

Ruthie was the present for her own birthday!

Thanks to the grandparents for the cute chairs. (Like their birthday outfits? I made them while under house arrest. At least I did something productive).

Then came the cake!

We cut the Big Red Car right in half. It was a sad moment for me.

But a happy moment for the girls!

Happy Birthday Ruthie and Maddie!


Blake & Danielle said...

Looks like you had a blast! Happy Birthday, girls! Hope the egg was good! :) And I LOVE the dresses!

Rebecca said...

Great party! And I love the dresses. Great job! Happy Birthday to Ruthie and Maddie!

Bowsman Family said...
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Allison said...

Wow - making cakes AND dresses?! I'm so impressed!
Happy Birthday Maddie and Ruthie!