Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rub A Dub Dub, 2 Babies in a Tub!

One of my favorite parts of the day is bath time. We bathe the girls every night about an hour before they go to bed. They LOVE bath time! Their room is connected to the bathroom, so we bring them to their bedroom and strip them down. Then, I go into the bathroom and as soon as I start the bath water, this is what happens. You need to give it like 10 seconds before the action begins. They were playing on the complete other side of the room.

It is hilarious to watch them come in every night. They stand up and watch the water fill up with such amazement, every night. As for Maddie and the baby Tylenol, she carries it everywhere. Both of the girls love to gnaw on the rubber sucker. They are childproof lids, so I let them. I actually have a whole bunch of empty baby Tylenol bottle in their baby jail for them to play with. This one happened to be full because she pulled it off the changing table. You can send all complaints to the Tennessee Department of Children's Services.

I am loving the age they are at right now. They are starting to really interact with each other. Sometimes it isn't the nicest interaction, but they are learning. This is for everyone that saw the video of Ruthie taking advantage of Maddie by stealing her pacifier. Maddie reacts a lot more towards Ruthie. We do have a problem with them trying to stand in the tub, but we are working on that also.

I'm sure the fun has just begun!

*On a side note, Maddie was cleared by the pediatrician to go in for surgery on Tuesday, September 2nd. We meet with the surgeon tomorrow!


Brian and Katie Whitt said...

i don't think there is a mother out there that hasn't let their baby play with the baby tylenol rubber top thingie. so i don't think anyone will be calling CPS.

Lynn Odett said...

Claire use to ask to take Tylenol before bed. And yes, both of my kids have chewed on the rubber tops. We are keeping Maddie and your family in our prayers. By the way, love the blog

mostoller said...

Our Maddie loves to play with tylenol as well, a medication and a toy all in one? now that is brilliant!