Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh, Maddie Jane!

I feel like Ruthie has been posted about alot, since she tends to repeat stuff enough for me to catch it on camera. Maddie does so many things that I could never catch on camera, and I hate it, because I want to always remember it about her.

Maddie has always been our "texture" child. She loves touching things that have different textures. She is the baby that loved the snuggly's and would just sit in her car seat rubbing it. She is also the baby that LOVES stuffed animals, or in this case, things she thinks are stuffed animals.

Meet "Peekaboo Kitty"

I purchased Peekaboo Kitty on a clearance rack at a bookstore that I shouldn't have been in, and in no way advocate shopping at. You should always buy your books from Barnes and Noble. No where else. Anyways, it was $1.99, and I was looking for something to occupy the girls in their stroller for a little while longer while I was running errands at the mall. I'm sure it would have been cheaper and I would have had a wider selection had I gone to Barnes and Noble....where every one should buy their books from. While you are there, don't flush anything down the toilets that shouldn't be flushed. Anyways, Peekaboo Kitty is a hand puppet that has a little story book attached. Maddie cares nothing about the book, she just loves the kitty part of it.

I wasn't joking about her really loving this thing.

According to Maddie, Peekaboo Kitty is very versatile. It can be used while eating...

or while sleeping... (she fell asleep using it as a pillow. I couldn't get a shot of her face because of that silly block, and when I tried to move it, she woke up!)

or just simply while looking for a nasal aspirator. You know, every day kind of things.

I keep Peekaboo Kitty contained to the downstairs for play time only. When she goes up to her bedroom, there is another good friend of hers.

Meet Ellie, the elephant.

Maddie sleeps with Ellie every night and during every nap. It is the first things she grabs for when I put her down in her crib. Normally this is what she looks like if I go in to check on her.

Poor, squished Ellie. Only a foot sticking out helplessly.

When I walk into the room after a nap or in the morning, Maddie is always standing with Ellie in hand. I normally have to pry it out of her fingers.

I will be shocked if she doesn't grow up to have a bed full of stuffed animals.


Brian and Katie Whitt said...

YOU BOUGHT A BOOK FROM (GASP) BORDERS?!?!?!? I'm going to make mom take away you GM card.

Kristen said...

so cute!