Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's Wiggle Time!

Maddie has been obsessed with the Wiggles since she was 4 months old. This is a picture of her lounging as she watched it when she was about 5 months old.

She would actually lean to one side or the other if you blocked her view.

Ruthie didn't get into the Wiggles until about 8 months, but has become just as obsessed as her sister. So of course when I saw that they were coming to Nashville to perform, I could not resist!

So I dragged Mark to the show, much to his dismay. Not only did I drag Mark there, I made him pose for pictures in front of Anthony's drum set! :)

The girls actually were glued to the stage for the show, only to turn to me for an occasional photo opportunity.

Ruthie taking in the show!

Maddie was happier than she looks in this photo

Notice Maddie's "Wiggly Fingers"!

Ruthie fell asleep that last 15 minutes, but that is because they turned off the lights and sang twinkle, twinkle little star after an hour and half show. The poor girl was "Wiggled" out.

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