Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hoffman's Playland

Hoffman's Playland is a small children's amusement park where I grew up in Albany. It is only about 15 minutes from my house.

Yes, it is as 80's there as the sign looks.

I don't have a lot of memories of actually going there, but I do have memories of wanting to go there more. Of course, now that my mother is a grandmother, she has no problem frequenting there with Lily and Jamison. So, when Ruthie and Maddie came up to visit, off to Hoffman's Playland we went!

When I was able to go there as a child, I was lucky to get my mom to buy me enough tickets to go on 2 rides. We get there and she buys the whole book of tickets! Oh, how times have changed.

There are lots of kiddie rides, but only 2 that adults can go on with the kids. I didn't really think Ruthie and Maddie were up to riding by themselves on the other rides quite yet. Maybe next summer.

The first rides was the carousal. I'll admit it...they were petrified. I waited until it stopped to take pictures so the memory will be a little better than the real life experience. They didn't cry, they just had no idea why they were on horses bouncing up and down. Carousals go a lot faster now than I remember as a child. I thought that was supposed to be one of the slower rides, but apparently not any more.

Maddie riding the carousal

Next was this balloon ride thing. I felt way too big to be on this ride, but it seemed to be able to run with me in it. It's not like I could have let the kids go on it alone.

Grmaam with the girls

Ruthie riding with Grmaam

Maddie Jane, confused about all these rides

Despite this picture, Maddie actually really enjoyed this ride. It was also on this ride I remembered those posted signs about getting on amusement park rides with heart conditions. I momentarily felt like a bad parent until I realized this particular ride didn't have that sign. I hope she'll be able to go on roller coasters as a teenager. I'll have to check into that one.

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