Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Publix...Where Shopping is a Pleasure!

One of the questions I always get with the girls is, "How do you go places with them?" It actually is alot easier than people think. Mostly because it is all I know. I only know how to go to Target with 2 babies, how to food shop with 2 to do anything with 2 babies. I will say that food shopping has become a whole lot easier, thanks to Publix!

Publix is a chain of supermarkets, mostly in the southeast. We have one less than half a mile from the house. It has never been "easy" to take the girls there because one of them always had to be in the actual cart since there was only one seat. Then....Publix did an upgrade.

DOUBLE SEATS!!! YAY! I had a whole cart to put food in!

The girls were obsessed with the steering wheels. Notice the action shot of the spinning steering wheel.

Of course, we still have our moments. Below is Ruthie trying to steal Maddie's pacifier...again. I like this picture because Maddie is trying to salvage the pacifier by tucking down.
What could possibly hold their attention like this?

The conveyor belt with the groceries on it! They couldn't take their eyes off of it!

Thank you, Publix! You have made my shopping a pleasure!


Kathy said...

Kristen, We used to shop at Publix when we lived in Florida. Great Great Mammy and Great Mammy always shopped there. So I suppose it's a Meeks tradition carried down to your girls. Yea! for Publix. Aunt Kathy Oh! We have been having prayer for Maddie's surgery in our Life Group every week. We are all praying for her!

Brian and Katie Whitt said...

I wish every night that the VP of Real Estate for Publix will make a random trip to Albany and decide: "You know, this place absolutely needs a Publix. I shall build one right here in Niskayuna."