Thursday, August 7, 2008

9 month pictures...taken when they are 10 months

Well, we finally got around to the 9 month pictures today. No, your math is correct. The girls are 10 months old. In my defense, I did take them to get their pictures when they were 9 months. When we arrived there and started taking pictures our photographer was HORRIBLE. She wasnt quick enough to get pictures of mobile babies. So, she decided to try to confine them in these baby chairs. About 5 snap-shots later, Ruthie did a dive, head first, out of the chair. Then came the screaming. Then came the huge goose-egg on her head. I wasnt about to continue with their pictures with a goose-egg on her head, so we left. She had only snapped about 10 pictures, which was obviously not enough to get a good shot. Then we went on vacation, then the girls turned 10 months and now we are here today.

We got some awesome shots! Here are a couple of the best ones...

Then there are some other ones that didnt quite make the cut, for one reason or another. I will add what I think they were thinking at the time...

"What are these things she has put on my feet?'

"Ha! Look what I can do!"

"Yeah, that was a funny episode of the Wiggles. That Captain Feathersword gets me every time!"

"Hunka, hunka burning love"

"I'm sure I can blame this on Ruthie some how..."

"This is exhausting! Where is my sippy cup?"

"Maybe she wont notice if I just slip away for a minute"

There really is no commentary for this, more like a statement. These 2 are distracted by anything. Most of our photos looked like this, or at least one of them looking at something that they werent supposed to be looking at.

"I told you this wasnt my good side! Dont even think of taking the picture."

(This is Maddie's diva look. I get it quite a bit from her during the day)

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Kristen said...

You get some great faces out of those girls!