Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Every year our church, Hillsboro Church of Christ, does an Easter Egg Hunt. Last year the girls were too young, so I didnt even bother to bring them out. This year was a completely different story. I would be lying if I said that I wasnt looking forward to it. This is so completely up the girls alley. I was so excited!

They had a little area set up with balloons and face painting for the kids.

After a while all of the kids headed over to the side yard to begin the Easter Egg Hunt. So, the girls grabbed up their Easter baskets and began to collect their eggs.

And collect they did!

What a great way to start out the Easter holiday!

Sounds so nice, doesnt it? Yeah, I thought so too. In actuality, it was a complete nightmare. How can we go wrong with running around in the grass, carrying baskets and picking up things to collect in the basket? This is what they do ALL day at the house! That is what I thought too! I think the following two pictures can sum up the experience.

Complete meltdowns. I mean, complete and total meltdowns. If you go back up to my pictures you will notice that most of them you can not see their faces. That is because they were screaming and crying as I literally FORCED my children to pick up eggs filled with candy so I could take pictures and capture this special moment in their lives.

What about these puffy, tear-filled eyes doesnt say, "I LOVE EASTER EGG HUNTS!!!"???

I will choose to remember this precious moment in time as presented in the original version instead of the real version. Every one else at the Easter Egg Hunt will probably have the screams of my twins being forced to collect eggs and pose for pictures stuck in their heads for quite a while. Sorry about that.

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marathonmommy said...

You would never know that they weren't thoroughly enjoying themselves by the first pictures. In fact, I thought maybe you were going to "gloss over" the meltdown phase as I was reading your post. But nah, that's my girl, telling it like it is! Don't worry, no ears were harmed in the attending of the egg hunt. I, for one, have been exactly at that same moment in time not so long ago! No worries!