Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bye-Bye, Pee-Pee

In my perfect world, the girls would be potty-trained soon after they are 2 years old. My niece, Lily, was potty-trained a week after she turned 2. Granted, she was trained by my sister's mother-in-law who was given the amazing gift of being able to potty train kids in a week. I see this as a very marketable service that she should be selling to parents. I am seriously considering trying to bribe her into coming to Nashville in September. Anyways, I am looking forward to no more diapers.

My kids are showing absolutely no signs of readiness in regards to potty training, but that doesnt stop me from being proactive about it. So, for the past 2 months, we talk alot of potty in this house. I have two little kiddie potty's in the bathroom and when I go into the bathroom the girls follow me in. They actually really like coming in and sitting on their potty's. I, of course, let them flush the big potty which is a big hit. Every time they flush I say, "Bye-Bye Pee-Pee". I dont know why, but I do. A little insight into the crazy things motherhood will make you say that seem completely normal at the time.

One of the other things that I have started doing is having them watch Elmo's Potty Time video every day. So, I sit in there with them and we talk about Elmo using the potty, no more diapers, etc. If you havent seen this video, it is hilarious. I guess Maddie starting pick up the whole sequence of events I am trying to put together for them because this is what she has started doing during the Potty Time Video.

There is a sequence of toilets flushing in the video and she says, "Bye" every time she sees the toilets flushing. So funny. And, yes. Ruthie is just sitting on the doggie bed watching the video. She has decided she likes to sit there to watch TV recently. It is a memory foam doggie bed, so I cant really blame her.

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