Sunday, April 12, 2009

Puppy Love

Well, we finally made it back from our trip to Harding for Spring Sing weekend. Unfortunately, my mother of all posts dedicated to every cheesy aspect of Harding memorabilia I subjected my children to will take a little while to put together. So, in the mean time I have included a short video clip for your enjoyment.

We stayed with Reagan and Nate Dennison, who were so kind to let me and two 18 month olds invade their home. They had just brought home a 7-week old puppy that they adopted. She was the size of some of the girls stuffed animals. Ruthie LOVED the puppy. Every night when we would come back to the house she would wrestle with her.

Almost made me want to get another puppy, but I quickly got over that.

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Brian and Katie Whitt said...

mom can't get the sound on her computer to work. just a heads up for when she calls you to complain about it.
i've checked all the connections and tried other videos - no sound.