Sunday, April 19, 2009

Out With the Old, In With the Elmo

It has only taken about a year, but the girls have found a new show that they will watch, besides the Wiggles. They have branched out to Elmo now! I have no idea why Elmo, but they will watch it, so I wont fight with that. At least Elmo is kind of educational, as opposed to the Wiggles where a pirate is running around quacking like a duck.

For our trip to Harding I went to Target to pick up a couple new (cheap) toys for the ride and I saw these Elmo stuffed animals in an under $5 bin. I picked one up for each of the girls. Little did I know the monsters I would be creating. They LOVE their Elmo's. They carry them all over the place. And, apparently, it is IMPOSSIBLE to watch Elmo without holding onto their Elmo dolls.

Ruthie has taken to feeding her Elmo. It is very important to keep Elmo with a full belly.

Maddie showing me her Elmo.

I am sure I will develop a numb spot in my brain for all of the Elmo lingo, just as I have for the Wiggles. We still watch the Wiggles, but it nice to have a little change every once in a while.


Erin said...

Carter loves Elmo too. Someone gave us an Elmo book, and he has been obsessed ever since. Someone also gave us a DMX Elmo, but he is terrified of it. That Elmo lives in his closet. He will point at it and say "Elmo". I'll ask him if he wants me to get it down, and he immediately says no. Maybe one day it won't be so scary.

Rachel said...

It's funny- Molly discovered Elmo about two weeks ago. She wills till watch Signing Time, but "Grover" (as she calls sesame street) and Elmo videos are her new favorite.