Monday, April 27, 2009

Dear Madilyn Jane...

Dear Maddie,
I am writing this to help guide you in the journey of your language development. Although I am thrilled that you are learning more and more words, I feel that it is my duty as your mother to correct you of proper word usage. According to Merriam-Websters Dictionary, the proper definition of "uh-oh" is "to indicate dismay or concern". Although not specifically stated, it is socially used for accidents. It is not to be used for many of your premeditated acts that you do several times each day. This includes, but not limited to, pulling your hairbows out, pulling your sister's hairbows out, throwing your plate, throwing your food, or standing on chairs. It is also not to be used as a warning word for an act that is about to occur that you know you should not be doing. This includes, but not limited to, going to the open areas on the jungle-gym and hanging your foot over as if you are going to step off even though we both know you are just testing me, touching buttons on the DVD player, taking CD's out of the entertainment center and throwing them on the floor and shutting the door on your sister in a dark room. As I have reminded you on a daily basis, "It is not an uh-oh if you do it on purpose".



The Willners of Mansfield said... that! Sounds like your Maddie & my Maddie have a little something in commmon!

Laura said...

Tim and I are laughing SO HARD right now. I could copy and paste that entire thing for my girls...except the hairbows thing, we've given up on that one...