Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bible Blanket

When my niece, Lily, was a baby, my mother bought a Bible Blanket. I absolutely LOVED the Bible Blanket and had always planned on getting one for when I had kids. So, when the girls got here I began my search. I have not been able to find a duplicate of the Bible Blanket that my mom purchased, so I stole it from her on my last visit. It seemed the appropriate thing to do.

Here is the Bible Blanket.

It has scenes from different Bible stories that you can act out with these stuffed guys...

You've got Jonah and the big fish, Daniel and the Lion, Goliath and David and Moses. The original set also included Joseph, but one of the Golden Retrievers at my parents had him for a snack one day. What this blanket is missing is any form of tags to link it to a company or a publisher. It even has a soft covered book that comes with all of the stories from the blanket in it, and even that doesnt have a publisher or a name with it. When I asked my mother where she bought it, she can not remember. It is like this Bible Blanket just dropped out of the sky one day into her house. If any one has seen anything like this or knows where I can get one with a full set of characters or new characters, let me know!

Anyways, we have the Bible Blanket now. I didnt know how the girls would like it, but I thought I would give it a try. I keep it up in their bedroom, and I only bring it out after their bath and before they are going to bed. We go over the stories on the blanket after we read a story out of their Bible every night. As soon as I pull this bad boy out and set it on the floor, they come running to it and sit down.

They love when I start pulling out the characters for them to play with!

Every night the Bible Blanket is a HUGE hit!

I would encourage everybody to get one for their kids, but apparently magic elves dropped this one out of the sky, and we all know how hard it is to get those magic elves to drop anything twice!


Brian and Katie Whitt said...

interesting. so the twins get the blanket but jamie doesn't. i guess we'll know who to blame if he isn't a faithful christian.....

Kristen said...

She was going for the statistical odds. 75% of her grandchildren faithful is better than 50%. Not to mention, there are no airplanes on the blanket, so he wouldnt like it.

Bowsman Family said...

Hey - we have two of these at church (in my 3 year old class) and then I found the material for one (no stuffing) at a garage sale. I always thought it was sold as material and then some wonderful person sewed them into blankets...obviously not me. I'll look at all of ours and see if there's a name or anything on them and let you know.