Tuesday, April 14, 2009

From the Foothills of the Ozarks


If you did not attend Harding University this post will probably be meaningless to you. If you did attend Harding University then you are about to be inundated with photos of my children in random Harding places. But, if you can make it through until the end, you may just get a little clip of Spring Sing's Megamix that I recorded!


This was the first roadtrip that we have taken with the girls. About a year ago I took a 3.5 hour car trip with my mom, sister and her kids with the girls. Alot has changed in a year though, so I knew it would be an adventure. I had timed our departure on Thursday so that when it was their nap time we would load up in the car so that they would fall asleep until (hopefully) close to Memphis. An hour and a half later we stopped in Jackson, TN to let my wide awake babies stretch their legs. An hour later I looked in the backseat to see this.

25 minutes later they were awake. They stayed awake until they went to bed that night. I was very surprised at how well they managed to keep themselves together despite only 25 minutes of sleeping all day.

Friday was our day on campus. These ugly orange chairs could only mean one thing....

Chapel in the Benson Auditorium!

We didnt actually make it to chapel because by the time I found a parking spot, got them in the stroller and made it to Chapel, they were doing closing announcements. Not to mention the difficulty I had in trying to find a changing table on campus. I now know there is one in the Reynolds Center at least, but not in the student center.

Once the Benson cleared out a little I let the girls loose. They ran up on stage and had a great time!

The girls and I making our morning announcements on stage.

My attempt at making Ruthie stand in front of the podium

My attempt at getting Maddie to stand in front of the podium.

After Chapel my normal Harding schedule was the head over to the Reynolds Center, so we brought them over there. Luckily the Chorus rehearsal hall was empty so they could get some energy out there.

They were able to play some piano with Daddy.

They enjoyed climbing the risers

Me and the ladies hanging in the Reynolds.

It was supposed to be sunny and in the mid-60's on Friday, but it ended up being cloudy, windy and cold. We had to stay inside most of the day. Saturday was a different story though.

Our Saturday started out with brunch with my cousin, Sharon.

We had planned on IHOP, but apparently that is the newest hotspot in Searcy on Saturdays and was too full for us. So we headed to Bobby's, which of course had a line a mile long and conveniently no high chairs. We considered Waffle House until Sharon pointed out that she thought it was not a good idea to expose the girls to hepatitis, even though they have been vaccinated. So, we ended up at the Searcy-go-to, Dixie Cafe. By this time, our brunch had turned into lunch. I also think that Ruthie and Maddie convinced Sharon to never have children....or at least to never take them out in public if you do have them.

After lunch, it was too beautiful of a day to not take the girls outside on campus. So, off to the front lawn we headed. They had been in their stroller for most of the morning, so sunshine and wide open spaces was much needed.

The flowers on campus were in full bloom and the girls were enjoying smelling them. Or, at least, pretending to smell them.


Ruthie in front of the newly remodeled Heritage Hotel. I absolutely LOVE the look on her face in this picture!
Walking around in front of Patty Cobb and the old Bell Tower

You will notice that most of these pictures are of Ruthie. Maddie was not willing to let me take her picture this afternoon. So, while I was attempting to get some shots of Maddie, I will admit, I lost Ruthie. She was no where to be found in my direct line of view. The front lawn is fenced in, so I knew she could now have gone too far. I walk around some trees and I see this.

Ruthie had befriended some girls laying out on the lawn, and they were just laying there having a good old time. She also found their stash of thin mints.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the reasons I love Harding. Where my children can wander and not be kidnapped when Mommy is completely not paying attention to one of them.

And, of course, it wouldnt be a Harding visit without swing pictures!

I made an attempt at getting some pictures of me with the girls. They werent too interested.

Then the girls headed off with Daddy to take a nap and I hit Spring Sing 2009!

Let me start off with a few things. I knew something was a little "off" when I was talking to a current student that was in Spring Sing and I mentioned how I was excited about Mega-Mix this year. They looked at me and asked me what Mega-Mix was. When I explained it, they said, "Oh, you mean the Finale". That didnt sit right with me, but whatever. I thought maybe they just had not been paying attention to the YEARS OF TRADITION of Mega-Mix at Spring Sing.

So, I get to the show and the program even has the mega-mix listed as "Finale". Whatever, fine, dont call it Mega-Mix, but wow me, please! It was labeled as a song called "Life Together". We finally get to the Finale. Yay! All clubs on stage. Waiting, waiting. Everyone choreographing together, and then I hear it. A verse in the chorus of this song, "Life Together" that says, "United we stand, divided we fall." Now, every good Harding student knows that you end Mega-Mix with a version of "United We Stand, Divided We Fall". Why is this only a line in this new song that is seeming to be this years Mega-Mix. I was very confused. Balloons fall from the ceiling and lights are out. WHAT!!!! THAT IS THE END????!!! Where is each club coming out to do 15 seconds of their show? Where is my "United We Stand, Divided We Fall?" I was on the verge of a massive coronary in the balcony of the Benson. I included a snip-it of this "Life Together Song" since I thought I was taping "Mega-Mix" . You'll hear the line in the song as soon as you play the clip.

So, as to prevent an uprising in the Benson from all former Alumni, the lights came up and this tune calmed me.

You'll notice that all that the clubs did was bow. I was a little disappointed. Mark was a judge for Lipscomb's Singaroma last week, and I tagged along. I was bragging to some of our Lipscomb friends about the huge ending that we do for our Spring Sing show. I am a little disappointed that this video is my example. Still a good show though. My old club, Delta Gamma Rho, came in second place! Yay!

That pretty much sums up our visit to Harding. The girls got to spend time with Uncle John and Uncle Micah, which is a rare occurrence. I have no Easter pictures of the girls since we spent all of Easter in the car. Mark and I went to midnight service at Downtown Church of Christ so we could head out on Sunday morning.

Overall, great trip to see Harding, friends and family!

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Brian and Katie Whitt said...

it looks as if the spring sing people ran out of time. 2 days before spring sing and they forgot about United We Stand. so they just instructed everyone to come out and BOW (lame) while the 4 sang United. it was disappointing but always brings tears to hear that song. unlike from the foothills of the ozarks...of which that's the only phrase i know.