Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Foot Fetish

The girls are completely obsessed with their feet. I dont know if it is because we play "This Little Piggy" on their toes or what the deal is. They both just LOVE feet. It doesnt even have to be their feet. They are more than happy to show you where your "piggies" are any time you ask them.

I previously thought that the girls had a shoe obsession. They could be entertained for hours taking shoes on and off. If I ever need them to come to me, all I have to do is pull out a pair of their shoes and tell them we want to put them on. It was like the pied piper is calling them. I have to actually hide their shoes from them so that they wont play with them all day and misplace them, like they do so many other toys. Occasionally they can reach them on their tip toes and I walk in to this.

They are very focused when they are putting their shoes on. They havent quite mastered the skill yet. It isnt just putting their shoes on their own feet, they think it is fun to put their shoes on my feet. Below was courtesy of Ruthie.

Heaven forbid we leave our bedroom door open because this is what I walk into every time that accidentally happens.

They do try to walk in our shoes, but they obviously dont get too far. I am actually a little concerned about the summer months with all of the slip on/toes exposed shoes that every one wears. I know that the girls will just walking around pointing at toes and trying to take other peoples shoes off so they can play with them.

You are probably reading this thinking, "Sounds like a shoe obsession to me, so why did she say she previously thought it was a shoe obsession?" Ok, so maybe you werent thinking that, but I will elaborate none-the-less.

I have decided that the girls are obsessed with putting ANYTHING on their feet. It was confirmed this morning by the following observation.

Those are snack-traps that Ruthie had decided to wear. And it gets better. See the video below.

The angle wasnt great because I couldnt grab my camera fast enough to record her walking around with the snack-traps on her feet. I am interested to see what she finds next to put on her feet.


Christine said...

Wait until they start wearing them on both hands and feet and pretending to be dogs...that's fun.

Brian and Katie Whitt said...

bless her heart.

Laura said...

Glad to know my girls aren't the only ones...mine like to put bowls on their feet, or an oatmeal container, etc...