Sunday, March 29, 2009

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

We have had some great weather here in Nashville over the past few weeks. Lately it has been a lot of rain, which has makes me appreciate those gorgeous days even more. Since we live on a hill that is a complete death wish for our children to try to play on, we have headed to the park quite a bit. We found a park back in a subdivison that is a few roads down from ours that NO ONE is ever at! It is a great place for me to take the girls since I dont have to worry about big kids knocking them over. They are at a great age where they can climb up themselves and go down the slides all by themselves. I just have to monitor them not falling off or pushing the other one. Big difference from last year where they would only swing!

The slide is always a big hit!

Mark taught them how to hang, so we can lift them up and they hang all by themselves. They dont look like they are enjoying it at the time, but when they are done hanging, they just want to be lifted up to hang some more.

Then, of course, there is the swings. I LOVE this picture of Maddie because she is laughing so hard as she is being pushed.

I am looking forward to when they actually smile at the camera and not give me confused looks as I am making weird noises trying to get them to smile.

Below is as good as pictures of 18 month old twins gets. They are both looking at me, somewhat close to each other and not crying. Those are my Kodak moments.

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Lauren S said...

I love the swing pictures!