Monday, March 23, 2009

Entitlement Issues

We have been very fortunate that no one has learned the word "mine" in this house. Just because they dont know the word to say, doesnt mean they dont think items in this house are theirs. Anything new that is brought into this house is assumed to have been brought into this house for their entertainment. This also includes people that are brought into this house. Clearly they are only there to play with them. I will say that most of the time this is the case, but there are rare occasions that it is not true. Case in point, the new dog bed

We got new couches from some friends since ours were disgusting. We are not allowing the dogs on these couches. Any of you that know my dogs know that they think they are human. So, by not allowing them to sleep on the couches any more, we had taken their bed away. The floor was not a suitable option for them. So, luckily, we were able to score a new doggie bed for free!

Bailey was thrilled.

This is her thrilled face, trust me.

Bailey was thrilled until.......Maddie claimed the bed.

This is Bailey's not-so-thrilled face.

I really dont know who to place my money on for who will win the battle of the bed. I am actually leaning towards Bailey for this one.


Brian and Katie Whitt said...

i would like to see pictures of th bovine maddie and ruthie with the human ruthie and maddie, please.

The Willners of Mansfield said...

That's hilarious!!

Rebecca said...

Too funny!!!