Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

This week for playgroup, Tennyson Magness hosted a St. Patrick's Day party! She did a great job getting all green snacks and a rainbow craft and of course a scavenger hunt for the leprechaun's treasure. Of course, my children appreciated none of it. Most of my morning was spent chasing them in opposite directions. Then came out the food, and that pretty much occupied Ruthie for a while.

Now, for those of you with a good eye, you will realize why even though she was seated and eating I still had to keep a close eye on her. I'll give you a minute to review over the past 3 pictures.....

Oh, could it possibly be that when a child would get up from the table she would get up and go to their seat and eat the food off of their plate? Ummm....yeah! She just kept rotating around that table eating every ones food. The child acts like I never feed her.

Maddie walked around throwing random temper tantrums for most of the morning. This child will be my challenge until the day I die. Although she didnt find any gold coins in the treasure hunt (since the 3 and 4 year olds were a little faster than her), she did manage to find the gold wrappers and bring them all to me.

I wish she would have used her hands, but whatever.

Then the girls found a tire swing in the back of the house. This had pure disaster written all over it.

Surprisingly they did great at holding on and had a great time on there. They swung for about 10 minutes. Every now and then they surprise me!


Brian and Katie Whitt said...

you have got to stop posting about ruthie and all the food she eats. the girl is going to get a complex.
and you and maddie deserve each other and everyone knows it! unfortunately for mark, he does not deserve it. hopefully he and ruthie can hide behind their platefuls of food from you two.

CapAFD said...

I seem to remember a summer @ Camp Hunt and listening to Lila recounting how the child that caused her the most challenges during their youth was the comfort now.... Maybe Maddie will be your joy once she reaches adulthood?

Rebecca said...

What a fun party! Your girls are too cute.. and too funny! I can't wait to meet them in about 2 weeks! Love the pics of them on the swing.. adorable!