Friday, March 27, 2009

Blasted Spoons!

The girls have been using forks for quite a while. We have started being more and more consistent about putting food on plates, instead of trays, and giving them forks to stab their food with. They really get a kick out of using their forks when they can get food to stay on it. So, of course, the natural progression was to incorporate a spoon.

The problem with spoons is that spoons are used for more liquid type substances. You see, I hate when my kids get messy. So, for that reason, I have been feeding them myself when it comes to yogurt, icecream, soup, etc. I know it is time to let go and let them get messy and learn to use a spoon. It is just so gross. Here is attempt #1 with a spoon and yogurt.

It actually started out pretty decent. Most of the yogurt made it to their mouths.

And then it just stopped going into their mouths completely.

So gross. I am actually considering not teaching them spoon use and letting them be surprised in kindergarten when they are given this weird object to eat with.

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marathonmommy said...

I am with you on this. I let Tyler, reluctantly, use a spoon merely due to the peer pressure factor. I have considered feeding yogurt and the like in the bathtub (dry) and then just filling w/water. What do you think???