Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ruthie and Maddie meet Ruthie and Maddie

Some of you may not know that we own a cow. That is right, one whole cow. Mark's grandfather owns many cows and they live on the farm that is behind their house.
They breed the cows and sell the babies so that you can eat at McDonalds.

We got a call yesterday that one of Grandaddy Ewin's cows gave birth to twin female heifers. There is debate if granddaddy Ewin or Poppie (Mark's dad) named the calves, but either way I'm sure you can guess what the new additions were named.

Meet Ruthie and Maddie.

This is Ruthie and Maddie's momma with her 2 day old babies.

The girls of course got to meet the baby cows up close and personal.

The human Ruthie and Maddie were given a very limited walking area due to cow poop being everywhere. The bovine Ruthie and Maddie were allowed to roam free. Since we wouldnt let the human Ruthie and Maddie wander, we brought the babies up close for them to play with.

You'll notice that Maddie "loving" the cow is similar to Maddie "loving" the goat in the zoo post. She only referred to the cows as "dog-ga" one time, which I see as progress!

Special thanks to Grandaddy Ewin for taking the girls to meet the new baby cows!


Fully Blessed said...

Just to let you know that one cow is a great tax benefit. If you haven't checked into that you should. Then you might want more cows! That is cute, twin daughters, twin calves. Only you Kristen!

The Don said...

#1 this is awesome. I wish I could have been there.

#2 we have had cows since mark and I were born...not one time do I remember dad, granddad and uncle ronnie herding up calves for any other reason than to give them shots or sell them. And normally we (me and mark) were the ones chasing them all over Williamson County to round them up. But for Ruthellen and MJ they'd tear down the barn.

#3 So did you and momma heifer have a little chat about raising twin girls?
Uncle Awesome

Brian and Katie Whitt said...

i forgot to tell you that when i told brian about this he was all "it's obvious you didn't grow up on a farm" and i was all "you didn't grow up on a farm, your father did so don't act like you are the cow-naming-farm-living expert" and he was all "people name cows everyday" and said "they don't usually name them after their great-grandchildren"
and then 24 came back on so we stopped talking.

sarahbethrucker said...

I had a cow named after me as a child too.
Welcome to the south.

Brian and Katie Whitt said...

i am STUNNED that only three people (not counting myself) responded to this post! I would have thought that tons of people would be all - what in the world is that about!?!? maybe you need more northerners reading this. i should say northeasterners since northerners would include Montana and they have cows there and they probably name them after people. Like Barack and Michelle.