Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Old Stomping Grounds

We headed back to our old stomping grounds today!

I feel like we should have an Alma Mater for Vanderbilt Children's Hospital that I make the children sing every time we pull up. This is actually the first time we have been back here in a long time. Well, I guess December, but that was just outpatient surgery. For pretty much their first year of life, I was so used to coming here at least once or twice a month. So, now that I only come here for appointments maybe once over a 4-6 month period, it seems like we are hardly here! There is a not a single time I enter this building that I do not feel so incredibly blessed to have this amazing facility 20 minutes from my house.
So, today was Maddie's 6 month check up since surgery! Hard to believe it has only been 6 months. It seems like forever ago. I thought I would take you on a cardiology visit with us. It is the same pattern every time we are there. When Maddie was born, we went every 2-3 months. Then we had a million pre-surgery things once that was scheduled, cancelled, and re-scheduled. Then, after surgery, we had to come back a week after discharge, then a month, then she was doing so well he made it 6 months, and here we are today!
Every visit starts with an echo (ultrasound).

They have a TV that she is watching. It is supposed to distract them while they are doing the ultrasound. This worked for approximately 4 minutes with Maddie since she isnt a big Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan. You have to remember, I have two very mobile 17 month olds. Sitting still is not a concept they are too familiar with or too fond of for that matter. The ultrastanographers are absolutely amazing here, and so patient. They usually got their data in 4 minute increments before Maddie started swatting, hitting, screaming, etc. I was able to take this photo before moving into the next position of laying myself on the table and having her on my lap with the portable DVD player in between my legs with Wiggles playing. That actually worked for about 10 minutes. Then there were about 4 more minutes of distraction with her playing with the ultrasound jelly on her belly. Then we had a little break.
The break did include a little fit. I wouldnt play the Wiggles for her unless she sat still while they took her ultrasound. Since we were on a break, it got paused. This didnt go over well with her, as you can see. Add another technician with a puppet to entertain her (have I mentioned how much I LOVE this place!!!) and 30 minutes later they have all of the ultrasound images they need.

Then we go off to the vitals room. No pics for that since I have to hold Maddie the entire time. She weighed in at a whopping 22 lbs and 9 ozs! Once we had her distracted with a nurse blowing bubbles, we were able to get her blood pressure and off to our room.

She was entertained by this for about her normal 4 minutes and then we had to move on....

to the trusty portable DVD player. I owe an eternal debt to the people that created these things!

This is her cardiologist, Dr. Baldwin, who I absolutely LOVE! He is such a great doctor! He explains everything so well and is so patient with all of our questions! AND, he poses for pictures which makes him even more awesome.

So, what was the verdict?

Looks great! See you in 1 year!!!! :)

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