Saturday, January 3, 2009

Traveling, Twin Style!

When the girls were infants, I would say that traveling with them was a unique experience. Especially the couple of times I traveled by myself with the two of them as infants. I would only travel by myself with them at this point if it was a complete emergency. As I watched other parents with their kids, it seemed like we were all in the same boat now. As soon as they get mobile, I dont think it matters what age they are; you have your hands full. We had a pretty good trip back to Nashville from Albany.

Check-in normally has one parent up at the counter and another feeding our children so that they will stay calm enough to get us all checked in. Then off to the gate where we normally just let them run wild since they will be sitting the rest of the time.

Once on the plane, anything goes. We will do whatever it takes to keep them entertained and quiet during the flight.

Maddie enjoys taking Daddy's hat and wearing it. The game lasted for about 10 minutes. We'll happily take entertainment in 10 minute intervals.

The Wiggles are always the "go-to". Unfortunately, electronic devices are not allowed until 3,000 feet. It is the longest 3,000 feet of my life. This usually holds them off for a little while. Whoever invented the portable DVD player should receive the Nobel Prize.

Mark attempted to sleep with Maddie in his lap. It didnt work.

When we got to Baltimore, of course our flight was delayed. That left us enough time to catch a snack with the girls and then find some way to entertain them. Then, in Concourse B we found a lone walkway that was foot-traffic-free.

Needless to say, they were entertained until it was time to board.

For your viewing pleasure. Please ignore the freaking out Mom at the end of the video. Escalator safety should not be taken lately. Wikipedia backs me up on this one, since we all know how accurate wikipedia is. According to another website safety experts estimate as many as 70 people are injured every day nationwide riding escalators. I refuse for my daughters to become one of their statistics.

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