Friday, January 9, 2009

Ode to the SnackTrap

I would now like to express my love of the SnackTrap in the form of a poem;

Ode to the SnackTrap, you marvelous thing
To you my children's hands cling
What marvelous treats you hide inside
You have helped to make much quieter car rides
No longer must I sit and hand out treats one by one
My children can now reach for their own treats, having so much fun
There still is an occasional mess, I must confess
But that doesnt make me love you any less
Ode to the SnackTrap, what a glorious site
To watch my children feeding themselves with small bites
Thank you for my freedom and holding those Graduate Puffs
For you, I can not be thankful enough!

For those of you who do not know, these are SnackTraps. The slogan for them is "SnackTrap...because kids spill things". They are GREAT! They have a trap like top that keeps food in but kids can put their hands in and pull it out. So, for example, when my 1 year olds are flailing them around in the car, they dont spill out treats. It is wonderful! The girls use them all day long!

As you can probably guess, the dogs like them too...

Briley is eagerly waiting for Ruthie to drop just one treat for her to munch on. Both Bailey and Briley follow the girls around when they have their SnackTraps.

More importantly, the SnackTrap has allowed Ruthie to combine two of her favorite things; eating and her slide. Heaven forbid we put the SnackTrap down for even a minute!

All joking aside, it is amazing to me how independent these girls are getting every day. They are figuring more and more out so quickly. Time is just flying by!


Tiffany Rose said...

those Snack Traps look awesome! and those pig tails are too cute :)

Nicki said...

Don't you just LOVE the snack traps?! I do too. Although I have to teach Alison and Chris to pull out less than a hand full because most end up on the floor but they are still grrrrreat.