Friday, January 16, 2009


Let me start off by saying a couple of things.

#1. Since I am absolutely horrible at writing down things in my baby books, I decided a while back that I would also use this blog as a form of a digital baby book. I still write in their baby books, but this will be a nice thing to look back on when the girls are older and hate me. So, even though some of the posts may not mean a whole lot to you as a reader, they are my precious memories that sometimes you get to be the victims of sharing with me.

#2. I absolutely LOVE having twins. Knowing what I know now, if asked to do it again, I would do it in a minute. It was 2 years ago next month that I was laying on an ultrasound table, bawling my eyes out in complete fear about having 2 babies. If I had only known then what an amazing experience it was going to be, no tears would have been shed!

Because of those two things listed above, I would say that most of my posts tend to lean towards the fun side of having twins. The cute things that the two of them do, how we do things with two of them, etc. I'm sure it is cute when one baby does it, but for some reason it just seems even more cute when 2 of them do it. This is going to be my reality check post. This is a post about the reality of having twins. So begins the story of the girls and the Pterodactyl (and yes, I had to look up how to spell that).
I have no idea what a Pterodactyl actually sounds like, since they have been extinct for quite a while. Maybe it was stuck in my head from one of the Jurassic Park movies I saw as a kid, but I for some reason have in my head a noise that I believe a Pterodactyl would make if I were to see one today. It is not a pleasant sound. You would not make this the ringtone on your phone of a friend.

To put it mildly, the girls are going through a screaming phase. I call their scream "The Pterodactyl" because it is that horrible. Those who have spent an extended period of time with my children know exactly what I am talking about, and are nodding their heads in agreement. Unlike having one child screaming at this ear-piercing interval; I have two. It is so bad that one of their helpers in their Sunday school class has to turn her hearing aid down every Sunday because it hurts so badly when they start (I'm not exaggerating that, unfortunately). Yes, these are my children.

I feel the need to remember these moments for some reason. Not only remember them, but subject you to this sound also. I collected a short video montage of my sweet little girls in action. Although Ruthie seems to be screaming quite a bit, Maddie is also a culprit. I may just not have caught it on video. They are equally as horrible. Please excuse Ruthie's hair in parts of this video. It is absolutely out of control. You'll also notice the slight hitting problem we are having. Awwwww.......twins.

Without further ado...The Pterodactyl.


Laura said...

Kristen! I am laughing SO HARD right now! My girls do the same thing and it drives me nuts... but it's so funny when your girls do it. I guess I should really get mine on video too...

Lila said...

I miss those little girls so much EXCEPT for that!!! Mom

CapAFD said...

I like that they support each other so well.... It sounds like an extemporaneous duet!

Elizabeth said...

Hilarous! I'll have to listen to the video in a while- I would hate to wake Jim from his cat nap with it! Funny, funny post! I think I may have heard this noise last night at PNO!!! I hope they slept well for you- I think they were so tired!

Amy said...

Ha! That's what I called it when Carter woud scream like that!

Nicki said...

That sounds and looks like my house (except for one of my girls is a boy)