Thursday, January 15, 2009

Music to My Ears

It is a little known fact, to those who have met me after my Harding years, that I was a music major. Whenever I mention that I have a degree in flute performance, the looks that follow are usually one of great surprise. This is of course unless I am talking to my mother. That look is usually one of annoyance and anger over the fact that they paid all that money for my education and I dont use it. None the less; I have a music degree. On the other hand, people are not surprised to hear that Mark has a music degree. It is how we met. I'm sure the pieces of the puzzle are all coming together for you now.

Mark and I were completely different music majors. I had all good grades and could ace a test with my eyes closed (Unless we were in theory class. I stunk at theory). Mark struggled with pulling out the grades. But, to this day, if you ask Mark a music question, he knows the answer and I have no idea. I remembered just for the test and the degree. Mark retained the information FOREVER.

Another little known fact is that in order to obtain a music degree from prestigious Harding University, you must pass a piano proficiency. I think Mark passed his like his sophomore year or something like that. I on the other hand, took all 4 years to pass mine. I stunk it up in piano, even more than in theory (although I always got A's in my piano lessons, I still stunk). I was still trying to pass that stupid piano proficiency test the day before I graduated. I actually pleaded with the panel (all who were music teachers I had for years) just to pass me for this proficiency so that I could get my degree. I in return would promise to NEVER admit that I can play piano or that I had any form of piano training at Harding in order to not deceive people into thinking these are the type of piano players that Harding produces. I think they got a kick out of my request and also had pity on me, so they passed me. I have held up to my end of the bargain by openly admitting I suck at piano, and not holding Harding University liable for that.

Now, Mark on the other hand is very good at piano. He doesnt even need music to play something he hears. I hate him for that. It is a hatred that began when I first met him and continues to this day.

For Christmas, Aunt Vicky got the girls a little piano that she found in a consignment shop in Alabama.

I'm a little concerned that maybe they inherited Mommy's piano playing skills....


Rebekah Boyd said...

I'm with you! My dad plays by ear, self taught and he used to make me practice my pieces backwards because i couldn't read music very well! Try that one on for size! Did I mention that I have some resentment issues?

Nicki said...

Today I sat down to catch up with all of your posts and when I played this video, Anna-Kate, my 18 month old danced along with the piano! Apparently, to a toddler they are very talented!