Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Answer!

Well, after some good guesses (and some completely ridiculous guesses), here is the answer. Below is the original, unedited clip where I have Maddie repeating after me. My favorite part about this clip is when I ask her to say it for the third time, she whispers it. If you have speakers, turn them up because it is so cute.

And the winner is Abby! Good guess Abby! For your prize, I will relieve you of a couch and loveseat when you purchase your new ones! :)

You may blame me for my daughter pronouncing dog with two syllables, and I will accept that blame. When she says "duck" and "dog" they sounded too much alike, so I started to enunciated it more, which she interpreted as two syllables. I dont feel bad about it since the southern dialect she is surrounded by when she leaves the house is known for taking multi-syllabic words and making them only one syllable. I would rather over compensate than have her sound like she has marbles in her mouth


Cristie said...

Of course, dog! Love all the videos, your girls are adorable.

Abs and Jason said...

I speak fluent one and two year old... Plus we have a Do oog also! Hooray :)