Thursday, January 1, 2009

Calling For a Few Flurries

A few predicted flurries that were supposed to begin in the middle of the night and die out by the morning, turned into a full fledged snow storm of 7 inches that lasted all day in NY. I was excited because the last round of snow had turned nasty and brown, so this next layer of covering made everything look pretty again. It also let me take the girls out for their first time in the snow! I mean real snow....none of this 1 inch, melts within hours, Tennessee kind of snow. Snow the way God intended!
The first step is to get the girls dressed. Now, for those of you not from a place that has a lot of snow, you probably dont know that there is a developmental step that children must master when they live in this climate. It goes roll over, crawl, cruise, walk, and then learn to walk in a snowsuit and boots. It truly is a demanding task. We gave the girls a few test rounds in the house to get used to the pants and the boots.

After a few successful attempts we added the jackets (which make them top heavy and wobbly!) and moved them outside.

My father snowblows a trail in the backyard for the dogs, so the girls had a nice clear path to walk in.

If not for the trail, all of our pictures and their "playing" would have consisted of them just standing in snow, like this.

Overall, I think they had a good time. They managed to at least stay warm and only fall a couple of times. This was my favorite picture from the day!

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Erin said...

Maybe one day Carter will experience snow like that. It will be the first time for both of us. We had "Florida snow" on Christmas day--rain.