Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hoffman's Playland....Year 2

You may recall (I know you probably dont, unless you pay SERIOUS attention to this blog) that we took the girls to Hoffman's Playland last year ( ). They were way too young, and I knew it, but I didnt care. "How young?", you may be thinking. This was our carousal photo from last year

and our photo from this year
Amazing how the time flies!

The girls actually enjoyed themselves on the rides this year. Thanks to my Aunt Linda coming to visit we had enough people to go with all 4 of the kids on each ride.

Unlike last year, which was probably a little traumatizing for the girls, they held on to the carousal horses themselves and smiled as they went up and down.

We were even able to fit in a train ride around the park with everyone!

For Maddie, none of the rides were as big of a hit as the helicopter ride though. I couldnt get a picture of her on the ride, but this is what it looks like.

We had to ride this bad boy several times to appease her. She would have a complete meltdown every time we tried to take her off of it. Thank goodness my mother bought 2 books of tickets!

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