Saturday, June 13, 2009


I believe that we, humans, were created by God as humans. I dont believe that we evolved from lower life forms as science claims. But, if I did believe in evolution from lower life forms, I think I have found the missing link!


I am telling you, this girl has got to be part fish!

I have yet to find her gills, but I think they will show up in this next growth spurt.

And, no, that is not her swimsuit. It doesnt matter what she is wearing, if the pool has water in it, she just dives right in with whatever she has on! She LOVES swimming!

While Ruthie lounges the day away in the pool, Maddie prefers to just play with water in her buckets.

She pretty much empties out the entire pool by the end of the afternoon, one bucket at a time.

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Rebecca said...

Your girls are too cute! Looks like they're making the best of the hot weather. :-)