Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Back in the day, Mark and I were both actually very athletic. I played volleyball in high school and part of college and Mark was all into soccer. I was even known to visit the gym pretty regularly in college. Granted, all of that has changed now, and the ever-increasing clothes sizes are evidence of that. Mark and I have both pretty much expected the girls to be interested in sports, and hopefully at least be good at one of them. Otherwise we'll be sitting at sporting events where our children are not gifted at all and trying to be supportive parents. Mine did that for me in regards to softball and I have never heard the end of it. Thank goodness I was good at volleyball so they could at least not sit in shame through the millions of matches I had.

My nephew, Jamison, turned 2 while we were on our trip to NY. As fitting for a boy of 2, he got EVERY possible piece of sporting equipment in the plastic form, of course. Some of the dad's busted out the brand new t-ball set and the girls were hooked.

Ruthie even helped by putting the ball back on the stand every time. As you can see, Maddie had to be restrained as to not hit Ruthie in her eagerness to swat at the ball.

Back in the house, Ruthie discovered a trampoline. Her interest was peaked.

Then she figured out how it worked.

The above picture could quite possibly be my absolute favorite picture of her.

I have included the SportsCenter reel of the girls and their sporting adventures with all of Jamison's cool stuff.

If I was really talented at video editing I would have added the SportCenter theme to it. Instead of putting all of that time and effort into it I decided to just clean my kitchen floors. I think it was an appropriate use of my time. It would have been cool though.

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