Friday, June 26, 2009

These Boots Are Made For Walking!

The girls will be heading to Camp Hunt with me in a few weeks. Anyone that has been to Camp Hunt knows that a must-have for packing is rain boots. I have had the same pair of Camp Rain Boots since I was a camper, and I LOVE them. There is nothing worse than wet feet all day at Camp. And, there is nothing cuter than rain boots for little kids!

Ruthie, my shoe diva, insisted on wearing them when we got home.

She was all about showing the versatility of her new boots. You can climb in them...

slide in them...

and even take time to smell the flowers in them!

My parents have a fenced backyard that the kids can roam free in. The three toddlers (Jamison, Ruthie and Maddie) can usually be found outside most of the time. We keep an eye on them through the windows, but there really isnt much trouble they can get into. Then Ruthie came to the door like this...

crying and mysteriously missing a boot.

I figured she lost it climbing up into the playhouse, but when I went over there it was no where to be found. When I looked in the far corner of the yard I saw Jaime attempting to lock Maddie in the tool shed and thought maybe Ruthie lost it in her escape from her cousin and his evil plots. No boot in the shed. Of course she was wearing the green boots that blend in with the green grass. I combed that entire lawn and could not find it. I was completely perplexed.
I enlisted the help of my sister, who has a better eye than me thanks to Jamison and his "creative" spirit, shall we say. It only took a little over a minute before Katie and her eagle eyes spotted the boot.

Can you see it? I will give you a close-up.
I have no idea what the three of them were doing around the fence, but there was the lonely boot. Leave it to a toddler to loose her boot in the most random place.

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The Thomans said...

If I had to guess, I'd guess attempting to squeeze through the fence. That would explain the position of the missing boot.

Now, WHY toddlers feel the need to attempt to squeeze through spaces they obviously can't fit through is anyone's guess.