Saturday, June 6, 2009

My future is so bright...

I have to wear shades!

Summer has finally arrived here in Middle TN. With summer comes some pool time and summer treats. I bought a little kiddie pool for the back deck, which the girls love. I have found them in there several times with all of their clothes on. This will be a little of picture overload, but this was from the first day we were out in the pool, and they both were looking so cute! I was shocked that they both kept their hats on, but they both loved their hats this year. Big change from last year!

I decided to brave the mess and let them have popsicles since they were already going to need a bath from the layers of sunscreen I had put on them. It looks like they have inherited Mark's skin type and not mine, so they actually tan...even with 70+ SPF.

I am so excited about nice weather and being able to get out of the house them! If for nothing else at least for some interesting blog posts!

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