Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why I bathe my children every night

I have heard from some people that you shouldnt bathe your baby every night because it dries out their skin. Then, Dr. Oz on Oprah said that we shouldnt wash our hair every day unless it is actually dirty. None of these people have Maddie for a daughter. For some reason, the girl is obsessed with putting food in her hair.

There were a lot of things that disgusted me before I had kids that now are just in my normal every day schedule. Poop, drool, pee, vomit...all normal to me now. Even before I had kids, I couldnt stand when they would smear food all in their hair. I still can not stand when my own children smear food all over their heads. What about putting food in your hair feels good? Why does she continue to do it at EVERY meal? Maybe she knows something I dont, but when food is in my hair, it just feels gross. This is why I bathe my children every night.


Nicki said...

We have started the bathing every night too for the same reason. Alison LOVES to put food in her hair. Chris doesn't but because Alison is in the bath he mid as well get in too.

Rachel said...

Molly frequently requests baths after a particularly messsy meal. (Ba Ba Ba, while signing bath) It cracks me up, but the child REALLY doesn't like to be dirty. I keep telling her not to make a mess, but she just keeps on doing it!