Thursday, November 20, 2008

Eye Patches, Socks and PlayHuts

What is harder than keeping an eye patch on a 14 month old? Keeping socks on the hands of a 14 month old to prevent her from pulling off her eye patch.

Medical science has figured out how to stop the beating heart of my other daughter to make repairs on it, and the best they can come up with to keep an eye patch on is socks? Something is seriously wrong with that.

If you havent figured it out, we are having some issues with the eye patch. She started out doing really well with it when we started about a month ago. The past week has been very difficult. I have gone through 50, count them, 50 eye patches in one week. That is a box of patches. That is $15 every box.

As for their sock solution. Apparently none of the children they have tried it on have teeth. Or, maybe their other patients are not as talented with their teeth as Ruthie.

She just pulls the one sock off with her teeth, and then uses her hand to get the other sock off. Then, off comes the eye patch.

She has also enrolled the help of an accomplice in this dirty deed.

This is Maddie in their PlayHut. It has tunnels they can crawl in on both sides and then a little fort thing in the middle. A good percentage of the time, this is where the patch pulling occurs. They will both crawl into the PlayHut and Maddie will pull of Ruthie's patch. Of course I can never get in there quick enough.

Just this morning, they both crawled into the PlayHut, which is my cue that trouble is brewing. I go over there and Ruthie's patch has been pulled off. Ruthie knows once she pulls the patch off that she is going to be in trouble. So, she tried to put her patch back on, but she put it over the wrong eye. Good attempt, but not good enough.

I feel as if the plotting has only just begun....


Brian and Katie Whitt said...

just duct tape the socks on her hands.

marathonmommy said...

I was just about to post about duct tape too! Too funny! I guess you could always resort to an elizabethan collar (the inverted cone collar that dogs use to keep them from scratching their head?)

Rachel said...

I love it that she tried to put the patch back on...

The Benders said...


I didn't know you had a blog!! I am so glad I found you! I can't believe how big your girls are - they are beautiful!

I am going to enjoy watching them grow!

We will be in Nashville soon so hopefully, we will see you all in person!